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poeticwater 17 // Black Lives Matter, dude
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A poem about my depression. (Again)

Just Perfect

I may be depressed

With all this depression

You look at me and say


"You're just way too hard on yourself."

Your comforting words of comfort

As you hug me

As you're awkward

You don't know how to talk to me

When I'm glass

You see me and stutter

"Hey- How are- Are you- How is your day going?"

I smile as your voice trails over many questions

"It's okay."

You seemed releaved that I am okay

You don't really talk

But, I know you are thinking

We talk later

About school

About our friends

You're so amazingly happy

When bad things happen to you at times

It doesn't control you

Like it controls me

But this friendship is

Just perfect

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