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poeticwater 17 // Black Lives Matter, dude
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Yeah, bye

I'm Done

I'm done hiding behind a face

Being scared of tests the next day

Being yelled at

Being scolded

Being utterly stupid

I'm done with losing track of time

I'm done with staying late

I'm done with wishing I could simply escape

If you're thinking "I'll live when I leave"

Are you really living?

Is life worth living if all you can think about is tomorrow

If you wait for your friends to find someone better

And leave you behind

Everyone around me hates me

No one wants me here

People only feel pity

For the poor lonely girl

They've known her forever

They must keep her

Does anyone care?

The scared soul screaming for help being met with laughter

The broken doll


Every single notion remains unspoken

People only pretend to like you

People only pretend to want to be your friend

You're annoying and you can't shut up


Stop trying to talk and learn languages!

You can't remember anything anyway

Stop having dreams that will only be diminished

You want to be the lead?

You can't

You can only be the background

In the background where you belong


Keep keeping busy


Filling your wall with art

Ignoring school that makes you feel stupid

You're so behind you'll never catch up

You'll never do it

You'll fail math

You won't get into the college you want

You won't get your degree

You need A's

You need to be the perfect daughter on paper

Say "no thank you" and "yes ma'am"

Constantly proclaim:

"It will never happen again"

Make it not happen

Be true to your word

If you don't

Yelling will be heard

Things taken away

Phones smashed

Do what you're told

Don't talk back

You're stupid

You are

Utterly oblivious

No one wants to be your friend

They don't

You'll always be alone


No one wants you

No one likes you

You suck

I'm done

I'm done with being human

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