I Am All Alone
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poeticwater I might never find my peace
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Sometimes, we feel alone in a room full of people.

I Am All Alone

I am in a room of people

But I am standing by myself

And no one comes up to me

Everybody wants to hang out with everybody else

I am standing on platform


I just want you to hear me


But I'm on my own

You left me for her

I'm all alone

You don't want to see me

I felt better

Before you went without me

I was stronger

When you were there to support me

Now I want to drown

I want to scream


I'm tired of standing all alone

I used to go up to talk to you

But now I don't want to be annoying

You'd rather talk to them

Than to me

Because I'm all alone

I'm all alone in a room of people

Nobody wants to see me

Nobody wants to talk to me

Nobody wants to say hi

Nobody loves me

Because I'm just the weird, sad girl

I'm all alone

And I cant's change it

I'm on my own

All by myself

It's my time to be buried in a hole

Because I'm done

I'm done with being the background noise

I'm no one's friend

Just somebody they can lean on

I'm not loved

I'm not cherished

I'm all alone

I just want my friends to have me be theirs

I want to be loved

I want to be talked to

I want a friend

Some one to hold on to

I am stuck

I am hated

I can't get up in the morning

I want to be loved

Please love me

This is my anthem

I'm screaming at the sky

I'm a black rose

I am sinking

I want to fly

I want to live

But I can't live

I am stuck

I am alone

I don't have anyone

I'm just a sad person

Pretending to be good at poetry

Writing words

Do I mean them?

I am lost

I am lost

I am lost

I am dead.

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