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poeticwater I might never find my peace
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This is the start of something different. I've never written prose that much before so cut me some slack. I hope y'all like it.


I was walking towards my destination. A bus stop. A bus stop with blue buses. Why was the color important? It wasn't.

I approached the stand to find my bus late and delayed. Apparently, a wreck on a nearby street had caused the whole fiasco. But, I was no complainer.

I walked down towards the park, deciding to make the most of my wasted time.

It was peaceful, all the children being in school. I saw some geese down near the lake and decided to go closer. I mean, what else am I supposed to do?

They crowded around me. I liked being around wildlife. I threw a few stones into the water, for no reason other than because I had nothing better to do.

I checked the time to find that thirty minutes had elapsed and I went to wait at the bus stop for the remaining time. The bus soon arrived and I continued on with my boring day.

It seemed to last forever, but finally, I had finished all my work and was headed home. I was walking along the other side of the lake, dawdling in the warm afternoon air.

And then I saw it, a body being picked up right where I had stood earlier. Ambulances carried it away at high speed.

The weirdest thing was, they were wearing the same clothes as me.

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