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poeticwater 17 // Black Lives Matter, dude
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I just wanted to apologize, an say that I'm doing better now


I'm sorry for scaring you

I'm sorry

I thanked my friends for being good

I wrote "bye" on my stories

On the platforms of social media I posses

I took too many pills, my shaking hand struggling to meet my mouth in the end

And then

As I was about t go to sleep and forget everything

I was bombarded with phone call after phone call


I declined

And declined

And declined

I didn't want to talk

It was over

I was done



He called

I declined

And declined

And declined

I resolved to myself

If he called again

I'd pick up

Say good bye

I rolled over in my bed and tried to sleep

But then I heard my phone ring

To find that it was him


He was scared

He was frightened

He wanted to know what was going on

He wanted to stop me

He told me about all these people that have said things about me

How I've made good impressions

How I've made others happy

How people wouldn't be able to live without me

I didn't believe it

But the way he said it

Over and over

About how people struggled like me

How one of the most amazing people I know also wishes he could stop talking

He told me to drink water

He told me to tell my mom

He told his

So I could be taken care of

So I could be better

So I could live

And I did

I'm sorry if I scared you

That wasn't my intention

I was just ready to be gone

I may be fallen

But I'm alive

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