Don't Leave Me
Don't Leave Me missing stories

poeticwater 17 // Black Lives Matter, dude
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I can't function right now. I need answers. If anybody has any clears ones, I'd like them.

Don't Leave Me

See all these sad people

Sad because you've gone

See all the tormented faces

Remembering all you've done

The lives you've touched

Who you helped

And you just left instead

We all sit here crying

Hoping you're not dying

Wishing you'd send us a message

That's not cryptic

A message we can see

And hope with

And cope with

Instead of crying on the bathroom floor

I remember all the time I lied

All the times I cried

I remember all the times you told me stuff

All the times you helped me

I remember you making me smile

I remember you smiling that morning

You were supposed to post our poem

You were happy

But instead, you posted that

And went away

What am I supposed to say?

I'm broken down

I'm lost

I'm done too!

I can't live here without you!

I wanna die

All the time

You shouldn't have left

Please come back

If you can

At least tell me why you left!

I don't understand

I don't understand

I don't understand


Michael come back

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