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poeticwater 17 // Black Lives Matter, dude
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I have a confession


I have a short confession to make

A short and small confession

I don't read the works other people write

That often

I fudge around

I read a few

I don't read many

Mainly because I don't really read poetry

But also because I hate reading things more popular than me

That sounds selfish and harsh

But, I get jealous easily

I see a thing that I can't do

And I want to be able to do it too

I want people to like my posts and my stories

I want the support

I want it

It's hard for me to support because everyone else is so much better than I am

I haven't written poetry prior to this year

I guess that's part of a reason

But, I want everything

I'm that selfish prima donna

But, I don't want to be

I run and give people hugs

I talk to everyone I can

I read as much as I can take before feeling bad

I love commenting all those compliments

It's just hard for me

I don't know why

I like writing without publishing

Because then I don't have to see

All my stories

All my poems

Be ignored

Because nobody likes them

So that's my confession

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