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poeticwater 17 // Black Lives Matter, dude
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A poem about someone not named Christian. I just put that name in the title.


I'd never splice your real name

Put it in a title

I called you this once

I thought it would stick

I've called you many things

Because you were my friend

Until you wrecked me

Until you pushed me down

You claim that I pushed you away

And I did

It's true

Do you know

Do you know why I pushed you away?

I was running from the truth

I was running

I had wanted a knife

To meet my neck

I don't anymore

But I did

So, I pushed you away

Because I thought you hated me

I thought everyone hated me

But, you handled the situation the worst

And then you spoke behind my back

Calling me messed up and dramatic

Saying that I acted like I was five

And now you want back in my life

But, I can't be friends with someone

Who thinks everything I do is dramatic

Every word I say is dramatic

According to you


Goodbye darling

I hope you have a nice life

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