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poeticwater I might never find my peace
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A poem on my super heroes

A Super Hero

A phrase lightly tossed around

Given to people with powers

Or people who've obviously done something


What about the super heroes who no one notices?

The ones who tell people to stay alive

The ones who help people in need

I have four super heroes

First to be mentionned is Tavner

His power as unique as his name

He can tell when I'm sad

Even when I'm smiling

He makes me share a chair with him

And we talk it out

That's one of my super heroes

Bet you've never heard of him.

Second to be mentionned is Anton

His power isn't much

He can make me smile when I need it

Without prompt

He actually doesn't have a clue

That he's helping at all

Sometimes I think we're not friends

And then he texts me first

No one ever does that.

That's one of my super heroes

Bet you've never heard of him.

Third to be mentionned is David

His power similar to the first two

But, different

He somehow texts me

At the exact right time

He knows when I'm not okay

He dances with me until I smile

Saying we're dancing until I'm not sad

That's one of my super heroes

Bet you've never heard of him

Fourth to be mentionned is Patrick

He's super quirky

His power is being able to talk to me

Even when I'm at risk for commiting suicide

Some people run away when I'm depressed

He stays there

He stays there

That's my final super hero

Bet you've never heard of him.

Super hearoes don't always wear capes

Or commit outragious acts

Sometimes they save one person

Who's about to throw themselves off the ledge

That's my favorite kind of super hero,

Because that's the kind that saves me.

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