An Allegorical Portraiture of a Cowboy
An Allegorical Portraiture of a Cowboy country stories

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This is an allegory poem about the portrayal of a Cowboy from past and of present...

An Allegorical Portraiture of a Cowboy

Ya see a Cowboy always rides tall in the saddle and never does he slouch -

He still bears the wind and rain and never does he stop to wait out the storm -

That’s isn’t until he gets back home once again -

He'll cuss like nobody's business in front of other men, cows, and horses -

But he’d never even whisper a single cuss word in front of ladies or children -

Instead, he tries to minds his Ps and Qs -

A Cowboy is honest, and his word is his bond,

And a handshake is considered as a binding contract to him -

The Cowboy always abides in living by the Golden Rule -

A Cowboy doesn't pry into a person's past he sees them for the worth that they are and might be -

And he takes the measure of a man for what he is today -

The Cowboy was, is and will always be a reckless and loud, stubbornly prideful, a man of his word -

The Cowboy works from sunup to sundown with no excuses of procrastinating -

Never would the Cowboy ever ride another man's horse, where their cowboy hat, or take advantage of another Cowboys woman -

Undoubtedly the Cowboy has most definitely taken a few hard falls every now and again -

But despite his many falls, he'll always get right back on his horse -

And even if he has been busted or broken, cause calling it quits is for wusses and he ain’t one -

However when and if a Cowboy falls and he isn't able to get up as quickly it's because he has fell way too hard and way too fast in love.

Now rest assured that whenever the Cowboys does hit the ground, he’ll try getting back up and try playing the part of feeling no pain whatsoever, even when he’s got a broken heart -

He’ll continue holding the reins while trying to hide all the aching he feels inside -

It's almost kinda hard to believe that the Cowboy's toughest ride and the hardest fall he'll ever take isn’t from the toughest, meanest,

rowdiest bull or bronc that he'll ride in either past or present -

No siree Bob rodeoing won’t be the Cowboys most brutally devastating fall that will leave him in ruins -

It is the act of love itself that will be the Cowboy’s toughest ride, fall, and quite possibly the death of him.

That is how a Cowboy lives, lonesomely broken -

But it isn't the personality of a Cowboy -

No, a Cowboy is a kind-hearted, passionate, hopeless romantic, survivor -

So whenever you see a cowboy know that he isn't as mean or rough around the edges as he looks -

And remember that The Cowboy never intended to have a gravelly voice or bowed legs

or live life like a lone poetic Highwayman -

But a Cowboy lives his life by the old code of the west and cursing God because he wasn't born way back yonder when the Cowboys thrived in the wild west -

And it's highly likely that this Ole Cowboy will probably leave this world riding into the sunset singing

yippee-ki-yay, strawberry roan, tall men riding, bringing in the sheaves and O' death -

Just like those Ole Cowboys did in 'em Olden Western flicks way back when...

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