Confusion of Promises on a Blurry Canvas
Confusion of Promises on a Blurry Canvas emotions stories

poetic_muse "Still waters run deep..."
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Relationships could be...

Confusion of Promises on a Blurry Canvas

We have been with each other for a number more than three which is quite well grounded for a relationship as ours.

Do we count the years to guarantee us eternity, or rather regard the conscious events that made and make us one?

I beat my brains out every so often whether your intentions remained firm during the whole time you’re with me.

You tend to lose tender attachment in your behavior seemingly devoid of such ardent passion.

Thenceforth as far as this point, this single thought had

been emplaced in my memory that gets in the

way for me to make up my mind.

There are traces of uncertainty seen on the contours

of your face constantly reminding me if I’d totally

immerse my being wholeheartedly into your possession.

Still and all you create patches of affection here

and there causing me to daydream of roseate

tomorrows in addition to occasional pleasures and

endearment, paved a route destined – a road

to infinity.

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