Bodily Notions
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physique poetry

Bodily Notions

The eyes are

the windows of

the soul and

speak of words unsaid.

The mouth should

be delicate in

voicing out what

the mind have constructed.

The nose smells

not just the

arome of one’s

kindness but the

filth he brings

as well.

The ears audibly

reacts to the

sound of life’s

hustle and bustle.

The tongue tastes

victories flavored with

inspired determsination and

sorrows that of

faulty failures.

The hands can

freely move either

to harm or

mold outward positivity.

the legs up

to the toes

can walk long

journeys and take

you places for

an adventurous exploration.

The arms are

made for a

warm embrace to

a wounded soul.

The face can

express variety of

emotions to comprehend

its profoundness.

The body is

a whole masterpiece

created by an

artist to be

used inspired by His will.

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