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One mans journey, however long it’ll take. First thing i ever wrote. Let me know what you think he’s searching for in the comments.


A man is searching, searching for a treasure. Something to complete him. Everyone has their own journey, this one is his.

See this man has grown tough.

He’s good at what he does, but it’ll never be enough for him. He’s searching for something he’s lost on his journey.

Maybe it’s as easy and as simple as an emotion, all he knows is that he has a void, as deep and empty as a black hole in space that he knows will never be filled,

but however small a chance to find it, even as minuscule as a picogram, he has to try.

The type of search with no guide or direction, only yourself, alone, with only your own thoughts as company, and old memories to replay, again and again.

Seeking a treasure that is as illusive as the holy grail itself.

Hoping to unearth the smallest taste of it just to grasp that feeling, the feeling that he used to have but lost multiple times.

See He’s tasted it before and now has an unquenchable thirst and drive to have it once again, knowing that sacrifice is part of the price he has to pay in order to be in its presence.

Knowing this is what makes him part of a special breed.

Upon the hardships, trials and tribulations, and losses, he feels as though it’s been found, holding unto it with the grip as if he was atlas himself holding the world.

Only to see it dissipate like how smoke in a room clears from underneath a door after a fire goes hungry for oxygen, he contemplates whether to grasp it again,

knowing that it can be as dangerous as a backdraft, giving air to a starving fire that may create a flashpoint destroying everything around. He accepts this loss always wondering, “what if.”

He feels the pain, the sorrow, the loss, however he’s been here before, like a battle tested gladiator unfazed by the hardships in life as to say “is that all you got?!”

He continues the search like a wolf in the night hunting for its illusive prey with his now even more heightened keen senses due to the hunger and need for his trophy,

a trophy he’s been lusting for. This man, for you see, has used every failure, every loss, every setback as fuel.

The fuel is eternal as he can recycle it.

Focused on the prize, however elusive, He continues with a greater determination.

Alone in his battle hoping not to follow in the Greek god Hybris footsteps (god of pride, hubris, insolence, violence, recklessness).

It’s ok, he feels, and wonders staring empty into the world pondering, “is there any room for people like us?”

He’s part of a special breed that can succeed no matter what set back, or failure, due to sheer will power and mental prowess, the mind is powerful if one knows how to use it and channel it for better,

however, it can also be dangerous.

For one day he knows, it’ll be his day.

Until then the fight continues.

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