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A letter to anyone who may be struggling out there, you've just got to get through the next minute. And the minute after that. And soon, before you realize it, you'll have made it through more minutes than you can count.

Another Minute

Dear Love,

You've survived another minute.

And through your persistence

You'll survive fifty-nine more.

Turn that to twenty-four,

You've made it through the day.

And another, and another,

Your insistence is so brave.

You underestimate your power,

The strength to rise again.

You feel so low and weak,

But your resolve is truly sublime.

Your heart is illustrious,

Provoking all pride.

Dear Love,

Your strength is a beauty to descry.

You've survived another minute;

Another hour;

Another day.

And through your perseverance

You'll survive hundreds beyond dismay.

----- (c) SabrinaS, 2021

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