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For the first time ever, presenting an entire movie in the form of a rhythm. You might wanna check this out folks. Cheers! Especially meant for die-heart MCU fans!

Thor: Ragnarok

"You'll pay for this Surtur"- roared the mighty Thor The Asgardian, in captivity, clueless about the coming war. With Mjolnir in hand and the bonehead defeated With Skurge's aid, to Asgard he fleeted.

There he caught Loki, impostering as the staff-holder "Where's Odin?" Thor asked a little bolder His brazen temperament bugbeared his brother's iffy With Strange's help, they reached Odin in a jiffy.

Odin was dying still made an effort to warn Hela was approaching, inexplicable her brawn. The Goddess of Death wouldn't settle for a loss The Kingdom of Asgard, her dream was to boss.

Thor strived to battle, but his hopes turned to ash Poor Mjolnir, he lost it, with Hela's ravaging lash. The duo tried to flee; didn't want to engage Alas, not so easy it was too eschew Hela's rage.

She hunted the brothers on their odyssey midway While she advented Asgard through the Bifrost gateway. The Asgardians , however waged a revolt Apparent it was, they wouldn't stand Hela's jolt.

The brothers made their way to a world unknown When taken as captives, they moaned and groaned. Thor was set up with a brawl against the Beast Hulk, it was, certainly not the least.

Took a long time for them to get out and back Thor, Loki, Hulk and the Valkyrie- the ideal revenge pack. They confronted the Demoness, tried to bring her down She was, albeit, too robust to drown.

Thor lost an eye, the hope, how'd he win? Without his hammer, his Mjolnir- he used to spin. Thor was angst- his crushed hammer- the blunder Odin dictated," You the God of Hammers? Or Thunder?"

With thundering gaze and arms, he smashed Hela's force Up against his own blood, still no remorse! With the army plumb destroyed, the Demoness still stood Unwilling to give up; standing sturdy as wood.

"You can't defeat me", proclaimed she aloud. "But he verily can"- Thor asserted so proud. With the eternal flame- Surtur shall live "Fret not sis; you want Asgard? Take it from him."

Obvious it was for Hela to fall Stood there cuz a being so tall With a hefty blow, he smacked her flat Dear readers, that's how we end that!

A long story within a poem. Took a long time to write... Credited to Tanishk Gupta

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