Morbid Money Minded Men Made Mature

   Morbid Money Minded Men 
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poet_tani 15 | Lovers hate me but haters love me
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For all of us who are deeply obsessed with money, have a read. This alliterative, inspirational, God-human tete-a-tete might incite you to ponder. Kindly give this a try. Thank you!

Morbid Money Minded Men Made Mature

The minute hand motioning for midnight God heard a harrowing honk A bloke bawling for his precarious payment Cursing the courteous creator for his conk.

Dear One, he howled Thou art not fair, I say Thou benedicted my brothers with beguiling bequests But me, with horrendous hatch and hay.

I tussle to tranquil the turmoil Demons of desultory income deter my dream How am I to lodge in such lopsided lanes? With measly money murdering my esteem?

God said buffoon bloke I gave all men ears, heads and eyes Blue water, green grass and vast, clear skies A little vent in the face to stuff mustard with rice A big brain to use if you would be wise. A beatific body and bulky buttocks to spout If you miss something, make a shout

Some sapiens succeed while some sit sad Cursing life for the times of agonizing bad But remember always, the man the world loves Is neither rich nor poor, but the one who truly serves!

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