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poet_tani15 | Lovers hate me but haters love me
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Speaking from a tree's side. What hasn't he given us? Yet we are concerted to lynch it. Read on to find out what he wishes the Lord to make him...

Make Me

Make me the bird, so I can fly. Make me the rain, so I can cry.

Make me the squirrel, so I can run Make me sweet as a flute or a drum.

Make me the heat, so I can sweat. Make me the Sun, so I can set.

Make me the kite, so I can soar. Make me the king, so I can roar.

Make me the kitten, so loved and cute. Make me the plant, so green with a shoot.

Make me strong , so I can live. Make me stronger, so I can give.

Make me the human, for the light I wanna shed. Upon the pain I feel when he cuts my head.

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