I Made A Big Mistake

         I Made A Big Mistake moral stories

poet_tani 15 | Lovers hate me but haters love me
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Ahhh, obsessed with writing for a cause. Maybe like my 5th poem for the day. Personally, the best I've written. Implore you peeps for a sure read... Cheers!

I Made A Big Mistake

Being Poor, what does it mean? In summers, having no ice cream? In winters, having no cloak to wear? Spent childhood without a cozy bear?

Being poor, what does it tell? Torn clothes and a foul smell? A roasted complexion; no school bag? Discarded toys; all for a brag?

No! You are wrong! They have much more! Though not a bed but dreams a galore! Though not a pool but a vast, teary sea! Though not a toy but a living tree!

Though not a fancy light but stars in the night! Though not an airplane but a better paper kite! Though not food to buy so their own they make! I'm sorry for calling the RICH the POOR! I MADE A BIG MISTAKE!

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