Euphoria Vs Poignancy

        Euphoria Vs Poignancy
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poet_tani 15 | Lovers hate me but haters love me
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One of my first poems- it's a sad love poem.
I hope it isn't too mundane- I'm still not good at writing romantics...

Euphoria Vs Poignancy

Those pinkish twins, tender and soft The symphony of childish delight The muscle in the mouth you loved to engage When in bed, enthralled the sight!

The scent of your soma, aesthetic and appealing The smile exposing pearly whites The walnut optics, emitting desire Your dinkum vivacity enough to smite!

The curly silk with autumny pigment I savoured to run my fingers through The enchantress I was endowed to be with Renounced me with remorse and rue!

A jiff doesn't drift without me having thought The moments of Euphoria ; the blithe my princess brought The monotony of anguish has wrecked my soul A chunk of me was lost, I'll never be whole!

Aside: Inspired by true events. I wrote this a few months ago. Never mustered the courage to post it though. I was heartbroken, and that's when I found solace in poetry. The poem is a sad one, with flavors of fiction, my thoughts and reality. Looking for your kind feedback guys!

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