Dear Life- Part Deux

         Dear Life- Part Deux blessings stories

poet_tani 15 | Lovers hate me but haters love me
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Making a new start surely is hard, harder when you've been knocked erstwhile. This is my own work again. An inspirational piece, the sequel to the dear life part for which immense love was showered upon me. Have a great read!

Dear Life- Part Deux

Dear life I said something Probably you didn’t hear You can seize from me, my childhood But never my childish behavior.

Not every conundrum has an answer Not every love has fame. The drunkard might go savage with a drink But not every drink has a bad name.

Even naïves have emotions on the base Content eyes have gloom under the face The ones we sulk with, reprimand and roast Are in reality the ones we love the most.

Someone plead to God Dear One, “Give me Death”, God was in agreement but said What should I answer to the one, Who prays harder for your breath?

Not every lad has a cruel heart Not every lad has a nasty glare Die down sometimes, candles with insufficient wax But not every time it’s the fault of the air.

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