The most comforting thought
The most comforting thought comforting stories

poemsformysake Community member
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The most comforting thought

I will be alone forever I will eat alone And go to the abyss alone

They say every pot has its lid And every book its cover Everybody has someone in their life that's what they say

Even villains have someone Dummies and weirdos Assholes and douche bags All around me everyone has someone

And i feel that i don’t That my someone has passed me by Without mercy My cover is gone and will never be back

But this is how I feel And feeling has no logic in it No math or statistics to explain How I feel is of no concern to the real world

Because if you think logically there are billions of women on earth

Hell there half of humanity Take out all the to old or to young And all those who are gay or a And those who already know they don't want me

And vise versa

And you are left with a couple of hundreds If not thousand Of someone's who theoretically I could fall for

And they could fall for me

And by god That might be the most comforting thought I can have At 3 in the morning

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