Late Bloomer
Late Bloomer growth stories
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poemsbyne Community member
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These words are for anyone who feels as though every seed they plant inside themselves, whether it be confidence, forgiveness, or self-hate, somehow always rots. The ashes replant themselves to grow a beautiful valley full of new wisdom.

Late Bloomer

I’ll bury all the worries again

germinate a seed with thick wood,


I’ll bury it deep with the help


my black starry soil,

The spore will penetrate all

the roots

and begin to rot.

The seed aches

I’ll water it daily with a spoon

full of tears,

my worldly grief produces death.

Burdened with scarring

my branches reach for


From the God that dwells inside me.

She is really the one awaiting my

sea of bloom.

I have finished off another pasture,

plowing away grace and beauty. Beloved,

for my heart has no more confidence

in God to bestow the truth,

redemption begins with genuine love for oneself.

For she who is in me

is greater than she who is in

the world.

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