Title: Quintessence
Title: Quintessence romance stories

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Love Poem

Title: Quintessence

She’s the quintessential beauty that walks before me

O her eyes are precious gems

The cut so brilliant The color so valuable The clarity so luminous The carat weight beyond compare

Your eyes express such qualities Your eyes are the jewels that glow

O her skin is soft as a rose petal

The passion so tender The purity so exemplar The enchantment so blissful The beauty measures beyond compare

Your skin embodies these qualities Your skin is the flower in bloom

O her hair is lustrous as silk

The prism so shimmering The hue so radiant The touch so luxurious The loveliness values beyond compare

Your hair personifies these qualities Your hair is the fabric of royalty

Her quintessence fills my spirit

Quintessentially, her beauty is my standard

By: Bruce Hackmann

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