Title: Porcelain Doll For: @poemsaboutme
Title: Porcelain Doll

For: @poemsaboutme  @poemsaboutme stories

poemsbybruce Poetry for Love n Life
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Title: Porcelain Doll For: @poemsaboutme

I thought I wanted to design my own porcelain doll I dreamed of a glorious masterpiece I knew the beauty in my eye was so rare

I wanted perfect tousled hair of auburn I wanted skin as soft and sweet as a Georgia peach I wanted a perky little nose; the kind you just want to kiss

I wanted lips of soft natural coral as tender as a rose I wanted captivating midnight eyes only found on the perfect doll I wanted alluring eyebrows painted by Michelangelo

I wanted to adorn my doll with the gems to accent her eloquence I wanted one as enchanting as a delicate spring rain I wanted the essence to light my desire on fire

I guess my porcelain doll is made

PoemsbyBruce This writing came about because I commented that she looked cool with her glasses. She replied, cool is fine but, elaborate. Here you are! Thank you for letting me use your picture of you

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