Title: Hope Street
Title: Hope Street hope stories

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Trying to be optimistic

Title: Hope Street

Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to Hope Street

I can tell you what the road to Hope Street is paved with

As you drive straight ahead for the State of Forlorn

You may feel some sadness and your heart may get torn

Your mind may get consumed and become miserable

And with every turn everything may seem unthinkable

However, things can change when you get to Change Street

With one turn you will be on Carefree Street

The next left you will find yourself on Strange Street

Along the journey, you will find yourself on Hopeful Street

Don’t get optimistic; soon you will have to turn onto Sorrowful Street

With every wrong left turn and right turn you’ll wonder if your spirit can be respondent

As the road crumbles with each passing mile, you’ll be left feeling so despondent

Don’t worry

The next left is Hope Street

This is the path you will have to take. I hope you will enjoy your travel to Hope Street.

By: Bruce Hackmann

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