Title: Black Slate Falls
           Title: Black Slate Falls nature stories

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Black Slate River

Title: Black Slate Falls

This waterfall was a tough find So, I made it a rough write Presented in a rough way I rambled like the river Words then a picture Hope you enjoy

Logging roads Snowmobile trails Not on the map

I thought I was lost Thank god for GPS

Northern Michigan at its Crest Next to the rabbit ear Lost in the wilderness

Walking along Slate River A scattering of cascades Nature at it’s best I thought I was blessed

A remote wild river named Slate On it’s way to Lake Superior

Water so clear It didn’t even look deep Sights of brook trout I’m ready to eat

Cascading scores so serene The smell of nature so pristine

Watching water pour over the shallow stairs

A lone boulder on the slate What a beautiful site Such natural beauty My heart came to seek

Seemed like a mile Walking the river wild Rolling little falls around every bend God blessed me with a smile

In the days if your roof had slate It was probably harvested from this slate

Wonderful short stepping drops Along my hike

God gave me this walk So, I could dream


I hope I can make it there this spring

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