Title: Beachcomber

       Title: Beachcomber poem stories

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Talking with the wind and the wind has a sense of humor

Title: Beachcomber

Wind of the sea, tell me a tale

“There is a wanderer that walks the shore Gathering items I’ve brought from the ocean floor

The drifter will stop to take in my fresh sea breeze They look around, surf, sand, and sun in the Keys

The forager will poke and prod at the pieces I’ve delivered Exploring the many treasures, I’ve washed ashore to be considered

The gatherer kneels in the sand as the surf swirls Searching for gems and jewels or some precious pearls

The scrounger on their hands and knees scurried through the sand I like to send’em a nice comber wave to see them stand

The accumulator wasn’t finding any treasures on this side of the bay So, I mustered a big wave to send this beachcomber on her way”


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