The Power Game Part 2
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Second part to the story of Judge Hastings, father of Madeline Hastings (aka The Crimson Killer).

The Power Game Part 2

The well dressed man walked purposefully into the room as if it was his chambers. By the time the judge had closed the door and turned around the well dressed man was already sitting in his chair behind his table.

“I was not aware we had a meeting this morning Mr. Reinhart. To what do I owe this pleasure?”, the judge asked as he walked in to the room and sat in the chair that was usually meant for people seeking an audience with the him.

“It has been brought to my attention that we have a situation”, retorted Mr. Reinhart. “It appears that Mr. Penrose is dead” “Yes that is correct”, replied the judge nervously, all the while thinking how could they have possibly known, it only happened last night.

“Do not look so surprised Arthur. Did you think we would not know?” “And just how did you know?”, asked the judge curiously. “Come come dear boy. You of all people should know that not much slips past us”

The judge looked closely at Mr. Reinhart trying to deduce why he had come to see him. The nervousness he felt at first seeing this man had now subsided and he was more angry at the fact that he was sitting in the chair that was reserved for him and him alone. To the judge this was the height of arrogance and disrespect of his authority.

“It would appear your daughter has been involved with …how shall I put this….unwholesome activities”. “What…do you want?”, the judge asked with a prominent annoyance in his voice.

“Now that is a very interesting question!”, said Mr. Reinhart playfully. “What I want is not important. What is important is what you will do!”

Instantly Judge Hastings knew exactly what that meant and he knew there would be a price to pay for refusal. This was how the brethren worked. They looked after each other in more ways than one but in return they always wanted something back. He knew that Alfred Reinhart was not a man to be toyed with and that everything he said had to be taken very seriously.

He had a power that was unimaginable and could change the destiny of a person’s life with one simple phone call, or in this case, a simple meeting. This was the reason Judge Hume left the chambers looking down and not saying a word. Whatever was about to happen, Judge Hume wanted no part of it.

If he was to be involved then he would be called for and until then he would not cross paths with a man of that much power and influence.

As Judge Hastings sat there, a rush of thoughts entered in to his mind and all focused on one thing, what could it be that he was required to do. Mr. Reinhart sat there opposite in the judge’s chair, with a look that was as cold as the winter frost.

Time had lost all meaning between the pair and it was as if the chambers were in some sort of alternate reality with these two frozen in their chairs locked in an eternal stare. After calming all the raging thoughts in his mind, the judge came to the conclusion that he had to bow to this person and succumb to his will.

For the sake of his daughter he realised there was no option, no choice, whatever was required of him he would have to do it. “What do I have to do?”, the judge asked, finally breaking the silence.

“You have a case on your docket. A hotel maid sexually assaulted. This case must never see the light of day”, Mr Rienhart said with a calmness that was unnerving. “What are the particulars of the case?”, asked the judge.

“That is not for your concern!”, replied Mr. Reinhart aggressively. “You know all you need to know” “But who is …” “I told you all you need to know!”, Mr. Reinhart interrupted, cutting the judge off in mid-sentence.

“And if I….refuse?”, enquired the judge hesitantly. The traces of a little smile suddenly started to appear on the face of the well dressed man. A smile that had no warmth in it whatsoever. “Tell me. How would Madeline cope being in prison for the rest of her life?”

Even though Mr. Reinhart had a little smile on his face, his words flowed out with sinister intent. “However”, he continued, “I do wonder what would happen if, say, Madeline knew what really happened the night your wife was murdered?”

A cold chill suddenly rushed down the judge’s spine. As chilling as this prospect was of Madeline finding out what happened on that fateful night, what Mr. Reinhart said next shocked the judge to his very core.

A cold chill suddenly rushed down the judge’s spine. As chilling as this prospect was of Madeline finding out what happened on that fateful night, what Mr. Reinhart said next shocked the judge to his very core. “Does your daughter know what you did on that night!”

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