The Girl with a Tattoo
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A little piece on the inner voice.

The Girl with a Tattoo

A black hole's oblivion shadowed her every move Sucking the soul dry, piece by tiny piece

An existence tarnished by pain and sorrow Scarred with every ridicule of unimaginable sin

The barrage of torment that had been faced day after day Silence was the only lesson that life taught her

Always look down with nary a smile Just a tired little frown if anyone glanced her way

This is all the world would ever see This is what she had been driven to become

If only they knew the rage that burned A fire inside that longs to be free

The strangled screams of an story untold A savage howl only she can hear

Frantic bellows from the depths of despair She is the wolf that has venom in its eyes

Her fury is just, but must walk in disguise If only the natives could see who she really is

Her silence would be broken And she could finally start to live

The wolf can run wild, and howl at the moon To be heard by all, with no fear or shame

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