Secrets of the Lake
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The price of betrayal can be very high!

Secrets of the Lake

The hazy morning mist began to clear as they approached the lake Trees danced in their reflections upon the rippling water

She held his cold hand and lead him to the edge This was the spot of their first kiss

A first valentine for her to always reminisce Carefully they stepped into the boat moored at the lakes edge

A rickety little thing that came with the cabin "Do you remember?", she whispered into the air

Silence was the reply as they drifted gently from the pier Birds sat in the trees and chirped their morning song

Dawn had come on to the lake and and the day had begun The darkness of the night made way for days first light

Purples and blues shimmered on the waters surface Shifting into a redness as the sun peaked through the trees

"Oh my love. My sweet sweet love", she said in to his ear His eyes could only stare into the distance

"Is this where you came, with that dirty breed?" "Is there where you performed, your secret dirty deed?"

"All those nights I spent alone, while you was doing your 'job'" "How many times did you come here with her, and desecrate our sacred spot?"

"No more will you stain our love!" "No more will you fly like a dove!"

With cold hands she lifted his bloody corpse Taking all her might and all her force

She inspected her work of furious rage Multiple stabs straight through the rib cage

On this lake is where it started A marriage of 20 years

On this lake is where it ends Dropping his body without any tears!

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