Hand of Destiny Part 2
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Part 2 of the story of Xeno, the male witch.

Hand of Destiny Part 2

“What is it my son?”, she asked puzzled by the look on his face. “I need to know about my father” “Why? You know all you need to know”

Xeno sat there looking into her eyes not sure how to begin. He was her only child and they told each other everything, but today, right here and now, he was at a loss for words. He searched around in his head for the best way to say it but came up with nothing. Finally he decided to just come out with it.

“While I was in New York, David showed me something. It was a project that his daughter, Kelly, was doing. She had to make a family tree. It was actually very nice to see how the blood has flowed through the generations. However, there was one name that was missing from the tree. My father. I do not understand why that would be”

She always knew that this day would come. The day when her child would ask about him. She had always told Xeno, from the first moment his inquisitive brain asked the question, that all he needed to know was that his father died before he was born and that he was a good man.

That explanation held Xeno for all his childhood and into adulthood. He never questioned his mother and it never really bothered him until now. Seeing it in black and white brought all the questions flooding back. “I have told you, your father was a good man”

“I know mother. But what was he like? What kind of man was he? What did he do? I know nothing about him” She could feel the yearning burning inside of him, the thirst for information, the quest for answers. Just as she was about to give her answer a voice rang through the drawing room in a dry and formal monotone.

They both looked up to see the butler standing in the doorway. “Madam Destiny. There is a phone call for you. Madam Tanya requests an audience” “Darling we shall talk about this another time. For now I have to take this call”, she said as she let go of his hands and started to get off the sofa.

“Thank you Marcus. I shall take the call in the study” Xeno watched as his mother left the room shortly followed by the butler. He went over to the window to look out across the back garden when a thought occurred to him, why was the head of the witches coven wanting to speak to his mother?

Yes, she was descended from the second family of the coven but she was not the head witch of his family. That honour fell on the shoulders of his mother’s cousin.

To him she was his aunt Sophia but to the coven and the rest of the witches she was Madam Sophia, a very stern woman that had a look that could freeze a person dead in their tracks, but she always had a soft spot for him. The thoughts kept going round in his mind but with no success of getting any answers. After a few minutes Destiny return to the drawing room.

There was no need for Xeno to turn around, he already knew she was there. “Is anything the matter mother?”, he asked quietly.

“Nothing is wrong dear. There are just some family estate matters to be settled with your aunt Sophia that’s all. I have not forgotten our conversation earlier and we shall return to it, just not today!” “I understand mother” , Xeno replied a little disheartened.

“I have to leave for the coven now but I shall be back in time for dinner. Please don’t worry my child” Hearing those words, ‘my child’, sent a shiver down Xeno’s spine. The only time those words were ever used were when his mother was hiding something.

It didn’t matter how big or small it was, just that it was something she was keeping from him. He waited by the window for her to leave the house before he went to up to his bedroom. The room that he had spent so much time in, reading all the books that his mother gave him.

Books on spells, magic and all things associated with the craft. He was way above his years in intellect and grasped the knowledge very quickly. Even though there were a select few boarding schools that trained boys in the art of witchcraft, his mother never sent him to any of them, instead opting to teach him herself.

She followed all the standard books but as any witch will tell you, you can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don’t know how to use it then you are useless. She knew that Xeno was different, that the boarding schools would not be able to teach him to his full potential. He could only go so far with his powers there.

There was only one person that could train him, guide him, nurture him and that was her. Xeno reached his bedroom door and as soon as he opened it the scent of jasmine wafted through his nose. It was a familiar smell that meant Marcus had put fresh flowers in the vase on the chest that sat against the wall, opposite his four poster bed.

After a deep inhale he rushed over to his bed where his bag was already waiting for him. This was usual routine when he came home from a vacation, one of the servants would always take his bags to his room and leave them on the floor at the foot of his bed. Without a moment to lose, he delved into his bag and rummaged around until his fingers hit a little metal box.

That was what he was looking for. He pulled out the box that was no more than a couple of inches in height and about three inches in length. It was small enough to fit in his palm. Gently he lifted the lid to reveal two tiny glass balls, no bigger than a marble.

Carefully taking them out of the box he placed them in the palm of his hand and then moved his hand closer to his mouth and whispered the spell.

Carefully taking them out of the box he placed them in the palm of his hand and then moved his hand closer to his mouth and whispered the spell. “Little balls, oh friends of mine. Forever you will always, be my eyes. Find my target, wherever they hide. Sight with sight, by my side”

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