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Musings while having the first meal of the day.

Breakfast Musings

Bacon and eggs, with a slice of toast on the side Washed down with a cup of tea, just to warm the insides

A hearty breakfast, to get the motor running But what does it matter, if death is all that's coming

Why are we here? A question that plagues many a mind Search all you like, there may be nothing to find

In the grand scheme of things, does the universe care? Insignificant beings, trying to understand what's out there

Humans have no voice, there is nothing we can say Humans have no choice, it will do things its own way

If an asteroid hits, and wipes us all out The most we can do, is just stand and scream and shout

What about our star, when it uses all its fuel A spectacular explosion, and the earth will be consumed

Then there is Andromeda, a galaxy not so far away One day it will arrive, and there will be no Milky Way

We are but a blip, a speckle of cosmic dust Nothing special to speak of, the universe doesn't care about us

So gobble up your breakfast, or not if you so choose Whether you like it or not, in the end you will lose!

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