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eerie poem

I hear it

sitting in my silent cupboard

the door gives way with one last creak of defiance

it sounded like the trampoline last summer

it sounded like hide and seek when you tried to follow me

and i had to explain, you had to find your own place to hide

i wish i never told you that

the floor boards squeak they sound like the happiness

and youthful bliss you erupted in when i was found first

dragging feet like when we had to go inside when we were done

raspy little ragged breaths just like after playing tag

the cupboard door shakes and i hold in my breath

the silence sounds like the very same silence that was shattered

when the zombies found you first

i tried playing docter and wrapping you in sheets

i stole you away to this part of the daycare building

with me, back then its abandonedness was a good thing

but i aparently didnt do very good doctering

you became one of them, but lucky me

you still love to play

hide and seek

and you found me


this time

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