In the Arms of He
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A short poem based off of the way I felt when my lover left to join the Army. He and I are still apart, but remain together.

In the Arms of He

by elizabeth urdiales

In the arms of He

I am safe. He holds me in one piece, and keeps the cold of bad memories away.

In the arms of He

I am One with his skin, with the touch of his love and and warmth of his lips in my hair.

In the arms of He

I can taste the furture like a sweet wine. I can sleep without disturbance and I can laugh without inhibition.

In the arms of He

I am all but alone.

But, without him

I am cold. Frozen in my restless hours and empty without my security, He, was the one who held me together, when He is gone I feel nothing but burden.

Without He

I am afraid

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