Three Girls
Three Girls school stories
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Two mean girls bully one confident girl about a TV show.

Three Girls

"You don't even know what Riverdale is!" sneers Bonnie.

"Yeah," adds Bonnie's best friend, a girl who look likes a corn stalk. "You're a loser. No body will care when you die."

"You think watching TV shows makes you better than me?" asks May. "What are you gonna do when the world is ending and there's fire, tornados, and bombs everywhere -- watch TV?"

Bonnie and her best friend turn to each other. They're panicked, they're scared.

"What are you talking about?" asks Bonnie. "The world isn't gonna end. A woman is gonna become president and save it."

"Women are just like men," counters May. "I heard my mom say it on Skype, so you know it's true."

Bonnie and her best friend swallow hard. They look around their school's playground. Everyone else has basically gone home. It's just the three of them.

"So go watch Riverdale," taunts May. "But when the world breaks, don't expect me to save you."

"Wait!" screams Bonnie. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to ride horses," May says, ever so proudly.

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