Taylor Swift and Messy Words
Taylor Swift and Messy Words lgbtq stories
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This teen boy loves Taylor Swift and thinks the kids who call him gay are actually the gay ones.

Taylor Swift and Messy Words

There's this teen boy named Kris. He loves Taylor Swift.

He sings "Haunted", "Mean", "Tim McGraw". He sings lots of Taylor Swift... La la la!

In one song, Taylor sings how she's gonna tell everyone that a boy who's done her wrong is gay. Kids call Kris gay almost every single day.

They also call him other things. But Kris doesn't let these words sting.

Kris thinks they're gay. They're always laughing, eating, and partying, like some stupid parade.

They're not quiet, thoughtful, or moody. They're just... umm... dirty booties.

Then something happenes one fall day... Kris's mom hears him call some kids gay.

"Hey," snaps Kris's mom. "Don't say this. It's homophobic." "Oh, please," replies the boy, not hesitating one bit.

The boy continues: "Words have lots of different meanings and uses." He adds: "They have lots of different powers and lots of different abuses."

And finally: "A word can mean something one second and something else the next. "That's why they get people into such a mess."

Kris's mom rolls her eyes at her boy who's so sassy and slick. "Thanks for the advice," she quips. "Now go do your homework or I'm not taking you to see Taylor Swift."

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