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A boy who likes boys and loves Nirvana tries to make a friend.

Nirvana T-Shirt

Henri hates Martha Joan. Thanks to Martha Joan and her big mouth, everyone in his high school knows that he likes boys.

Every day, Henri eats his lunch (either a peanut butter sandwich or a jelly sandwich, either a banana or an apple, and either a chocolate chip cookie or a brownie) all by himself.

Henri can't make friends with any of the girls at his school because they remind him of Martha Joan. And he can't make friends with any of the boys at his school because they can't like him because he likes boys.

One day during lunch, Henri spotted a boy wearing a Nirvana T-shirt.

Henri loves Nirvana. He loves Kurt Cobain's growling voice, violent lyrics, and how sometimes he wore dresses.

Henri didn't know much about the boy in the Nirvana T-shirt. All he knew was that he just started at the high school a couple of weeks ago after his mom and dad moved here from Washington, D.C.

The boy had yet to make friends. So maybe Henri could be his friend.

Henri didn't have friends, but he did have guts. So during one lunchtime, Henri got the nerve to approach the boy.

"Hi," Henri said, delicately. The boy looked up grouchily. "Yo," he grumbled. "Where'd you get that pizza?" Henri asked. "Home." Henri glanced around the noisy and somewhat smelly cafeteria. "Oh," he said.

After awkward silence, the boy grumbled, "Can I help you with something else?" Henri shook his head. "I just wanted to tell you that I like your Nirvana T-shirt." "My what?" "You know... the Nirvana T-shirt that you sometimes wear."

"Yeah," said the boy. "I don't give two fucks about them. I just found it a thrift store. It cost like three dollars or something."

Henri felt like he was going to throw up or go diarrhea . How the fuck could this boy not give a fuck about "Lake of Fire", or "Lithium", "Rape Me"?!

"Are you just going to stand there all period and watch me eat my pizza?" the boy asked, sarcastically.

Henri shook his head. Without saying another word, Henri left the boy and went to find a place in the cafeteria where he could eat his strawberry jelly sandwich, green apple, and big brownie alone.

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