Bye Bye, Baby Rosalind
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A very pretty model has no clue that her best friend has a crush on her.

Bye Bye, Baby Rosalind

It’s winter. Baby Rosalind and Little Rye sit outside a cafe in New York City. The cafe is full of excited college students, stressed freelancers, and obvious Airbnb’ers.

“I can’t do it anymore,” says Baby Rosalind, “I can’t.” Baby Rosalind is wearing a big brown coat, a big black sweater, and tight blue jeans. Her hair is long and curly. Her skin is soft and brown.

Tonight, Little Rye is supposed to tell Baby Rosalind, his best friend, that he has a crush on her. But Little Rye doesn’t feel like he should tell her anymore. He feels like he needs to listen patiently as Baby Rosalind tells him all about the awfulness of being a model.

“What will you do?” asks Little Rye. “Maybe I should go back to Colombia,” says Baby Rosalind. “I could live with my aunt in the convent. The nuns are so nice.”

“I would miss you if you went back to Colombia,” says Little Rye. Baby Rosalind scrunches her face.

“I would miss you so much too,” she says. “But I don’t know what else I’m going to do. I can’t stand in front of cameras anymore. I can’t pretend like I don’t know I’m only getting jobs because ‘diversity’ is such a trend. These people... they think they’re starting a revolution by including a brown girl in their stupid things. How dumb is that?”

Little Rye nods. “It’s dumb.” “What am I going to do, LR? I should have stayed in college. I’m fucked.” “You’re not fucked. You don’t need a college education to do things. You just need wifi.” “True that.”

It’s spring. Baby Rosalind and Little Rye sit on the big comfy bed in Baby Rosalind’s top-floor studio apartment. The two watch YouTube videos of Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows. Some of the models wear pants that show their butt crack.

Baby Rosalind wears a red dress. The dress makes Baby Rosalind’s butt look terribly thick and terrific. Little Rye wants that butt badly.

“One of the white girls at the shoot today literally tried to speak to me in Spanish.” “What did you do?” asks Little Rye “I don’t know. What could I do? I just sort of smiled.” “You need to quit already. It’s not like you’ll need money right away.”

Baby Rosalind rolls over onto her stomach. Little Rye tries to see her underwear (or if she is even wearing underwear). He fails. Little Rye is also failing to tell his best friend about his crush. He was supposed to tell her in the winter.

It’s summer now. Baby Rosalind has quit her job as a model. But everyone still adores her. So everyone hires her now to style their fashion shoots.

“Do you how fortunate you are?” asks Little Rye. He and Baby Rosalind sit on a bench in a big park. “Have you had to send out one resume or go on one interview?” asks Little Rye.

Baby Rosalind smiles. Little Rye sees her gap tooth and represses an urge to kiss her. “That’s just life when you're Baby Rosalind,” sings Baby Rosalind.

“You should probably go to confession before you go back to Colombia," advises Little Rye. Baby Rosalind laughs. “I haven’t done anything that bad.” “You never had orgies?” Baby Rosalind frowns.

“When are you going to Colombia again?” asks Little Rye. “Three days... yikes!” “And for how long?” Baby Rosalind bites her thick lips. “One month... but maybe more.”

"You’ll give me back my copy of The Andy Warhol Diaries before you go?” asks Little Rye. “Of course,” exclaims Baby Rosalind. “Who do you think I am?” “Just making sure.”

Little Rye looks at Baby Rosalind’s brown and doughy face. He knows he won't tell her about his crush now. Their conversation is too effortless and the day is so warm. Little Rye will wait. He’ll wait until she comes back from Colombia.

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