The Dark Walk Home
The Dark Walk Home thriller stories

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Miranda is heading home.....but someone else has other plans for her.

The Dark Walk Home

It's 11pm and the street is pitch black. Literally no lights in sight. Walking home at this time of night is scary!

I've walked home down this street over a dozen times. But never this late. At night, the place looks completely different.

Do you ever feel like somebody's watching you? Well that's what I feel....I'm only a few blocks away now.

What's that? I swear those were footsteps. Or maybe I'm paranoid. I can't do this anymore. I'm going to call Mom.

"Mom? Can you pick me up at the closed down gas station a few blocks away? There is a light near there. I really don't feel safe" Mom: "Okay stay in the light"

"I'll be there in 5 minutes" Ok. It's 11:11pm. Just 5 minutes.

Whew. I'll stick to the light area and just wait here. I still can't shake the feeling that somebody is watching me. It's quiet now, but my gut feels uneasy still.

At least I still have mace in my purse. And Mom will be here any minute now. And I'll be safe. Any minute now.

Any minute now.... Glancing at my phone....11:32pm. Wasn't she supposed to be here by now? I'll shoot her a text.

"Mom? What's your ETA? I'm freaking out" 3 minutes pass and she replies "Miranda....I ran into a light pole near the Jane's Coffee. Can you walk over? I just called the mechanic"

Jane's Coffee is just a bit across the street. That's not far. But I still don't feel good about this.... "Mom, can you walk over here and walk with me over? It's really dark"

"I'm sorry sweetie. The mechanic will be here any minute. It'll be okay. It's right across the street" Crap. Well Miranda, it's time to be brave.

Deep breath. And RUN. Don't know why I'm running, but I feel like the quicker I'm with Mom the better. It's so quiet around here. I guess I'm just being paranoid. There's no one here.

Well here's Jane's Coffee where's Mom. She should be here somewhere. Don't even see her car.

"Mom, I'm here....where are you?" "Hold on" "What? Where are you?"

That's weird. Maybe she's on the other side of the shop. Ugh I really can't wait to be home. Wait.....isn't that her car?

It's parked down the street. The car looks completely fine though. And where is she? Sending her a quick text: "Mom, I found the car? Where are u? And the car looks fine??"

"Turn around, I'm here" The reply was almost immediate. Mom's never that fast with her texting. Turning around.....

*the target's wife and daughter have been secured*

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