Safe At Home
Safe At Home thriller stories

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When Julia finds herself home alone and hears a noise.

Safe At Home

"YES! Have the house to myself. This weekend's going to RULE! Netflix, sleepover....."

"Let's start with an episode of Friends. And maybe scary movie later or something."

"What could be better? Snuggling in the covers with hot cocoa.... wait....what's that? Is somebody here?"

"Sounded like a footstep, but I can't be sure. Could have been in the TV as well. I don't hear anything anymore. Probably overreacting."

"Wait....there it is again.... I think somebody is robbing our house. I hear somebody moving stuff downstairs."

"Locking the door. Calling the cops......" "No one picked up?! How is that even possible? How can the COPS not pick up?"

"DON'T CALL THE COPS AGAIN" The text message buzzes into my phone from an unknown number.

"My heart's pounding. I want to call my parents, but if this person knew I called the cops already, he'd know I called my parents."

"Think Julia....think.....I can't run. I'm on the second floor. He knows my phone number. I grab my baseball bat and hide in the closet. That's the best I can do. I guess."

"PUT THE BASEBALL BAT DOWN" Another text message comes in.

"How can he see me? Looking around my room....there are no cameras.....the only place it could be is....".

The WINDOW. It's the only open thing in my room. That must be it. *BANG* The guy's outside my door now.

"You know how people always ask, what do you want to do in your last moments? Well this is that moment for me."

Calling my my Mom. Straight to voicemail. *BANG* The door comes falling down. He's in my room.

"Julia, you can come on out. It's over." The voice calls over. A female voice.

I had turned off the lights in my room so it's really dark. I can probably jump out and surprise her with my baseball bat.

I jump out and swing......."CRKKK" I hit something. Solid hit. I hear a whimper and a thud as her body hits the floor. Did that actually work?

"Hah" the voice laughs. The lights come on. A woman, maybe mid 30s, stands in front of me with a gun in hand.

On the ground....dead from the baseball my mom

"Hello Julia. We haven't met before. I'm Caroline. I'm your half sister."

"15 years ago your mother abandoned me. Left me to die. Sacrificing me....for you. I've waited 15 years for this moment."

Rest in peace.

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