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A modern love story based on a classic.

Romeo and Juliet

It was a cold, brisk evening. Everyone was bustling, getting ready for the big party. A night of great festivity! Romeo was ready for a night of fun. It had been a long week.

Romeo was dancing and having fun....when their eyes met from across the room. A girl with great beauty. A girl like no other. He had seen her before......Her name....was Juliet.

He could not resist the urge to approach her. He was a bit shy and danced his way to be near Juliet. A few drinks later and a deep conversation later....the two of them knew.

It was love.

One small problem: Their families were powerful and absolutely despised each other. There would be no way they'd approve of their love. The families weren't even to be seen together.

But their love was too strong.

They couldn't stop thinking about each other. The bond was too powerful. Romeo called up a friar he knew well, Friar Lawrence, to arrange a SECRET marriage.

The two love birds set a time to be officially married. They couldn't wait. The time flew by and the wedding day approached. That's when Juliet's cousin found out.

Her cousin approached Romeo and challenged him to a fight. The two fought, but when her cousin pulled out a gun, Romeo knocked it out of his hands and stabbed him in the chest, killing him.

When word of the "murder" got out, Romeo was banished. The penalty for murder was simple. He'd be put to death if he ever returned. Juliet, of course, was heart broken.

Much to Juliet's despair, Juliet's parents arrange for her to marry another man. She runs to Friar Lawrence begging for help.

The Friar reluctantly agreed to help. He was always a sucker for love and couldn't stand around watching.

The Friar put together a plan. He would give Juliet a sleeping potion that would fake her death and allow her to escape to be with Romeo forever. Juliet drank the potion.

The next morning, the town was a mess. Juliet appeared DEAD! Her parents mourned and she was quickly moved into a tomb.

When Romeo got word of Juliet's death, he raced to the cemetery, hoping it wasn't so. But what he found, broke his heart. On his knees at the tombstone of his Juliet, he cried and kissed the tomb

In his pain and sadness, Romeo pulled out a bottle of poison and died kissing Juliet's tomb.

Hours later, Juliet's sleep potion wore off and she slowly woke the dead body of Romeo on top of her tomb. She screamed in shock.

She held Romeo's dead body. "", she whimpered. It was all over. She grabbed Romeo's dagger from his pocket and glared at its blade.

She thrusted the knife into her heart. Collapsing onto Romeo's limp body.

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