Revenge of the Clowns
Revenge of the Clowns stories

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Only good things happen when clowns show up.

Revenge of the Clowns

I can't be the only one who heard that......the loud banging and laughing noises outside the classroom

*MUAHHHAHAAA* The light in our classroom flickers out. This can't be good.

Gianna, my best friend, glances over. Her face is ghost white. I'd never seen that look in my life. The look of desperation.

Our teacher stands up. Her face is expressionless. "Everybody. The school is under lock down. Get under your desks"

She slowly tiptoes towards the door and turns the lock. *Click* Locked. Laughter can still be heard outside.

It's the clowns. They're coming.

Where they came from? I have no clue. The clowns were first reported a few months back. Terrorizing grandmas. Attacking families.

They started with just small things. Scaring babies. Stealing makeup.

But today. I hear the screams. And I can hear the clown laughter. A clown attack on the school? That's a little extreme.

*BANG* *BANG* Our classroom door rattles.

From under our desks we peer out at the door. From the little window in the door, we can see the clown outside, with an ax in hand. We close our eyes.

Silence. Then footsteps. The footsteps are from within the room and walk over to the door. *Click* The door unlocks.

We open our eyes to find....

It's our teacher! And she's wearing clown gear! "Mr. Brown", she nods at the other clown.

Mr. Brown is the science teacher.....

"The town has ignored us far too many times. So we will make them listen! Weill not be taken advantage of", the two clowns chanted at the front of the classroom.

Mr. Brown grabs a student in the first row by the neck. "WACK"

*WOOSH* The sound of an ax, slicing through a body.

Blood splatters everywhere. The student falls to the ground limp. I can't contain myself. I scream.

Mr. Brown runs towards me. I bolt towards the door narrowly missing this swinging ax.

My teacher swings as well. WOOSH

I dive to the ground by instinct. Narrowly missing the ax. I'm still screaming.

The door to the classroom opens. Another clown walks in. "Marianna?"

He knows my name? How? Wait......


"WACK" I feel a blade pierce my skin. My Dad begins to run over screaming.

BREAKING NEWS: Over 70 kids were killed in a clown massacre at Lincoln Elementary this afternoon until a rogue clown who's daughter was killed turned on the clowns and killed 13 clowns.

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