The Avengers' Master Plan
The Avengers' Master Plan marvel stories

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The plan to stop Thanos

The Avengers' Master Plan

It had been a good day for Thanos. He had all 6 infinity stones.

He had made half the world disappear

He had made half the world disappear He had succeeded.

Meanwhile....half the troops were gone for the Avengers. Things were not looking good.

"Look we need a plan" \\

I don't know what possible plan we could have //

We've already lost //

Thanos has all the stones. We couldn't stop him without them. How can we stop him with them //

We cannot give up \\

What if...... \\

?????????? //

What if he play to his incentives? \\

He is as powerful as a God //

I have an idea.... \\

1 hour later

Oh Thanos!!!

What's this.....

I heard you could use a friend

I don't have friends

Well maybe you do now

Maybe I do now.....

Thanos had always been lonely

People feared him

But nobody loved him

He had no idea what he had done to this woman

Destroy her son

Ruin her planet

But for this plan to work. She had to put on a smile.

And play along.

Thanos stepped closer. He stared into her eyes.

She returned the gaze.

Their lips locked.

The next hour of film has been cut by the MPAA for indecency. Fast forwarding to what happened after.

It worked! \\

I can't believe all it took to get him to take off the infinity stones was some good ole hanky panky \\

It's all over! \\

Thanks Aunt May! The real hero of the story. Bringing her boy back home!

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