Where a maid becomes a crone.
Where a maid becomes a crone. fantasy stories

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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Where a maid becomes a crone.

“The Mirror” (excerpt from The Thief)

"Good Morning," she said, her eyes glanced to Lanna in the reflection for just a second. She was focused, her golden curls fell in expertly manipulated waves down her straight back.

Her shoulders were squared exposing the slope of her arms, the cords of her neck, the hollow of her throat.

"Morning," Lanna replied, she was in a haze. Her vision was foggy, her steps still clumsy from deep sleep. Lanna ambled over to the mirror next to her sister.

She ran her own long fingers through dark, tangled hair, smoothing out the knots. It hung limp and straight down to her waist. Lanna hated it, it was impractical and annoying to maintain.

In the reflection of the mirror, she watched Halia spin braids and curls around her fingers with ease. The look in her eyes, alight, focused. She sighed. Lanna began to braid. Over and under.

Over and under, the knots continued to reform as she braided, prolonging her morning routine.

It was expected that a certain amount of pride be taken in one's appearances and yet Lanna couldn't stomach anything less than having her hair tamed and out of her face.

If it were up to her, she'd cut it in a heartbeat. It was customary for young women to leave their hair long until marriage.

Lanna reached the end of her braid, and smoothed the ends between her forefinger and thumb. Her eyes watched the motion.

It is getting long, Lanna thought to herself, her brow furrowed critically at the painfully straight strands. She looked again to where Halia's own locks bounced lively just above her elbow.

They were the same age and yet, Halia's seemed shorter, more maiden like. Too much length could be a bad thing.

Where a maid becomes a crone.

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