The Land of Terrible Happiness
The Land of Terrible Happiness cosmichorror stories

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The inner machinations of the mind.

The Land of Terrible Happiness

And so, as he looked out into that great abyss, the Professor found himself inexplicably petrified.

Not, as one might expect, by fear, but by conflict; for his mind truly could not move in one direction or another.

He felt himself being torn apart at the seams, his mind split almost evenly into two halves.

He felt utterly repelled by that all-consuming, insatiable void, terrified by the daemon that lay sleeping inside.

He urged to fly away from it as fast as the Universe would allow, to escape the horrible monstrosity that slumbered inside and race to find salvation.

However, at the same time, he found himself irrationally, amazingly drawn toward the wicked thing.

He urged to fly toward it as fast as the Universe would allow, to embrace that wonderful being that lay at rest inside, to allow it to take him toward salvation. He felt a tug toward the abyss.

Slowly, with one closed eye attempting to place the thing out of his vision and one open eye attempting to consume as much of that paradise as possible, he peered into the darkness.

Till now, he had yet to comprehend the true magnitude of that dystopian utopia, that daemonic heaven, that Land of Terrible Happiness.

To call it as vast as the Universe would be a drastic understatement. This was infinity. True infinity.

A void that consumed all before it, and would continue to consume after time itself had ended.

A paradise that embraced all things, and would continue to embrace and love beyond that final echelon of reality.

As he watched, the daemon rose from its slumber, it's lovingly hateful gaze finding itself fixated on his infinitesimal figure. He was but a granule of sand in a desert of gaiety and terror.

His mind split even further, as both halves took two entirely opposite courses of action.

He found himself flying forth unto Heaven, yet at the same time fleeing in stark terror from the most wicked depths of Hell.

The daemonic angel at the centre of that Land appeared to open its arms, its wicked, loving appendages out toward him.

It invited him to accept its embrace; it reached out to drag him into its depths.

Its delicate hands caressed him, nurturing him as a mother would nurture her child; its hateful claws grasped him with all their might,

clawing at his will to live as a hunter would claw at its prey.

She brought him near, carrying him with the utmost delicacy as if he were made of glass, with the sole intention of keeping him as safe and secure as possible; it tore him away from salvation,

squeezing the hope out of his form, battering him with the sole intention of shattering his very existence.

She nurtured him by her bosom, suckling him at her breast; it brought him up to its fangs, intent on devouring his very essence.

He fought with all his might to run from that daemon, his sole intention to fly from this hell and toward rescue; he clung to its breast as if it were all that protected him from damnation.

The Professor felt repelled, yet at the same time attracted to that guiding darkness, that malevolent benevolence.

His form finally broke apart, one half of his spirit clinging onto its new mother in a loving embrace, the other half fleeing in horror from that insatiable hatred.

His mind had been divided in two. His body, now devoid of both halves, had been reduced to a vegetative state.

And so, there were three parts to the Professor: The first was the half of his mind that realised the evil that hibernated within that all-consuming underworld.

The second was the half of his mind that succumbed to the underworld's pleasures, viewing no other state of being as natural or desirable.

The final was his body, which was now vacant of all consciousness, left to be yet another meaningless husk in a Universe without meaning.

And the void? The dystopian paradise which found itself responsible for this disparity? It remained, of course. It consumed. It grew.

It continued to cause disparity throughout the rest of the Universe,

for that was the only essence of the being's nature that both halves of the Professor's mind were capable of comprehending: It would continue to consume beyond that unconscious limit which

we humans conjoin with the word "forever.

" She would embrace, consume, love, hate, nurture, and torture all beings, and when all beings were gone it would simply continue to embrace, consume, love, hate, nurture, and torture.

There was no end, for that is the true nature of infinity, and that is the true nature of darkness.

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