and i want to thank you
and i want to thank you feelings2016 stories
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and i want to thank you

by plilah

I am co-existing with a heavenly body.

I am only a ghost of whom I used to be.

My heart does not beat the same way it did last year.

My eyes used to hold so much emotion, now they’re just empty, hollow.

My body in in the present, yet my brain is still stuck;

re-living the past.

Replaying times of when your eyes where so close to mine,

close enough for me to make out the silver moons and stars they were painted with.

Replaying times when I could pick you out

in a crowded, pitch black room,

just by the sound of your beating heart.

You gave me a token once,

a souvenir of your ‘love’, I wear it around my neck on a chain made of thorns,

I don’t know if you have noticed yet;

I hope you haven’t.

Your smile is one that they write about in poetry,

it also haunts me, tattooed on my eyelids

so whenever I close my eyes I'm reminded of your beauty,

and terror.

I am co-existing with a heavenly body,

so wrecked, and broken

that I didn't even recognise it

as my own.

and I want to thank you

for the venom you supplied, that still swims in my veins.

It’s as if you’re still with me,

still holding me tight.


there is no difference between you

and the poison.

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