I don't want to get shot
I don't want to get shot gun+violence stories

pleaseelaborate America's favorite fighting Frenchman
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i dont want to go to school and wonder

"is today the day I dont come home"

I don't want to get shot

gun violence -- what the threat

lingering in the back of your mind

when's it gonna get me

at school? at church? in my house? seven feet ahead of me?

i don't want to have to go to school anymore and wonder

i don't want to have to go to school anymore and wonder "is today the day I don't come home"

my friend's dad has a gun in the gardening shed

when I go to her house, I can feel the trigger pull

how does she feel? does she feel safe in her own house? does she feel safe with a weapon that has taken lives of many? i wonder

in the USA, we call it land of the free

can we truly be free with a barrel to our forehead

We call it the Home of the Brave

must we prove our bravery every day?

I don't want to live in captivity or cowardice anymore. i want to be free from this death trap

im scared

im scared of what could happen

I see it every day on the news. is my mom next? my sister? my teacher? someone I never met, but was going to change the world? am I next?

how did this happen

how did this happen again and again

sandy hook columbine el paso santa fe virginia tech the signs were there, did we ignore them?

and even worse, the world will move on.

we'll mourn we'll cry we'll move on we'll forget and the cycle repeats

another life lost, another one forgotten

I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want your "thoughts and prayers" If you really cared, we wouldn't be here. so stop pretending this isn't happening.

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