The Memory of Us
The Memory of Us  love stories

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Why can I have a normal I don't want to be formal

The Memory of Us

Why can I have a normal I don't want to be formal Have the freedom Build my own kingdom

Have that love We all dream of No limits Never call quits

Come and escape With me a break take Let's get away Let's do it today

Don't say goodbye We are seeing eye to eye Whatever happens, happens Together after the sky blackens

Pieces of fabrics on the floor That once we wore Our bodies now naked Every worry has no faded

It was only you and me You were all I could see Your hands on my skin I was taking it all in

Your lips on mine Nothing felt out of line Everything was in its place And going the perfect pace

I sat on your desk We were in middle of our quest You kissed my neck In a way I can never forget

We were reaching the end After this your wouldn't be just my friend I felt such a way nobody con recreate That last night together was great

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