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This is what's on my mind right now. Nothing less, nothing more. Leave feedback. <3

Music by the stars

Do you ever listen anymore

I feel like talking to a deaf world

I feel like not talking at all

I feel like talking infinitely

I feel like music by the stars

I feel like going to Mars

I feel like staying down-to-Earth

I feel like going numb

Because numb is easy

I feel like I am dumb

And I know that is a cheap rhyme

But right now I don't have the time

To come up with lyrical greatness

So again, let me just say this

I feel like music by the stars

I feel like I'm not trying

I feel like the music is too silent

Honestly, I feel like I am deaf too

But the only reason's cause I CHOSE TO

I feel like I wanna hear

I feel like, I feel like I wanna be near,

the bomb when it explodes with all the highs and lows

with all the sounds and colors

with all the pros and cons

and I'll be

Not dead but more alive than ever

More smart than clever

And just alive forever

And I'll go to endeavor

The music by the stars

And at the end of our endless lives

Even if you think that's its not true

The whole world will be ours

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