Letters from Lucky Alby
Letters from Lucky Alby mystery stories

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Dear reader, This is a letter which will be opened exactly 96 years from now. Today is 17th October 1924, 5:52 A.M.

Letters from Lucky Alby

Dear reader,

This is a letter which will be opened exactly 96 years from now. Today is 17th October 1924, 5:52 A.M.

My name is Detective Lucky Alby, born 28th August 1897 in New York by Maria and Luca Alby. As of now, that's all the info you'll need.

I work as a Detective in New York City Police Department Detective Bureau, or NYPD for short. I finished academy few years ago but decided to wait a little to see what to do with my life.

Since I'm a spaz and I can't do shit on my own, I decided to take the only opportunity I ever had in life and just apply for a Detective.

I luckily got the job because of my Head Chief, Detective Bruno, who trained me in my academy prep.

Why is this letter of importance whatsoever? Why the hell do you need to wait 96 damn years to open this? Good questions! Let's start from the beginning;

Detective Bruno was murdered 20 days ago in the most vicious, gruesome and disgusting way a human being can ever do. He was, by my calculations, tortured piece by piece.

Starting by toes; pulling each and every toe nail out, then literally ripping the feet out of place.

Going up the body he was skinned all the way to his genitalia, where the whole section was missing.

No balls, no dick, nothing! Going up the torso, he had a giant hole in his stomach, which was perfectly cut. When I say perfectly, I mean that even the Lord couldn't've done a better job.

He had bullet holes in both of his nipples, and his back had three cuts which was most likely caused by a butchers knife. Now for the most fucked up part, his head. My God, his head...

First off his neck? Gone. Not a trace of neck. Didn't even find it in the apartment. The jaw was ripped out like his feet. His teeth were pulled out. His neck was cut in half horizontally.

His eyes were pulled out and one was crushed on the floor, and the other was glued to his forehead which, by the way, was skinned. His scalp had a single cut in the middle.

That line is from the saw that was on the floor. Only thing that was left normal was his left hand, for some reason.

His right hand had a hole in the middle of it revealing the arteries and bones. Possibly done by the same butchers knife from before.

Now the most intriguing part, and the part that initially made me question my sanity was the letter written in pure blood on the wall, saying "Audi, vide, tace si vis vivere in pace.

" Now for all my non-latin folks, that's an old latin proverb that says "Listen, watch, be silent, if you want to live in peace."

After that, I've been so curious to find the killer, and to find what's going on, that I haven't left my desk in 2 days.

After 2 days of being neck deep in this shit, a few gentlemen in suits came in the department saying that they were looking for me.

Since I was like a headless maniac in this case, I said sure and greeted them wholeheartedly.

The very first words the #1 (They didn't give me names even when I asked them, so I labeled them with numbers) said to me were: "Cui bono?

" which would be translated as "What's the meaning behind this?" so to speak. It was obvious these were some odd fellas to say the least.

I responded in pure awe, probably said something like "What are you talking about buddy?". To be honest, I know latin. My dad spoke it fluently and he taught me back in highschool.

Never would I ever think that I would need latin, but hey, I guess life works in mysterious ways.

After that exchange of conversation, #2 said the following: "Mister Alby, you don't get it, do you? If we see that you spend another second in this case, the same destiny will await.

What will it be, Mister Alby?" or something like that, I didn't really listened to that pretentious fucker so I said "Not happening, I'm sorry.

" and I thought I ended the conversation right then and there, because they left as soon as that last period left my mouth.

I ended the shift that day, and decided to take a little break and go home. Sweet Lord, do I wish I said I would end the search.

I came back at 8:47 P.M. to a sight that was one of my biggest fears.

My parents were murdered. In the same exact style that Detective Bruno was murdered...

On the walls, with pure blood, the following was written:

"Discite iustitiam moniti et non temnere divos..." which says:

"This is a warning, not to despise the Gods..."

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